A minimum of a 3-month commitment is mandatory when working with the Fabulous Forever Team. This ensures you will start to see the beginning of the positive results projected for your program. Research shows that regular, in-depth, long-term contact with your professionals achieves the best outcome by helping you stick with your Nutrition, Health and Fitness goals.



3 Month Coaching & Training

Tune In—Tune Up:

Our shortest program, Tune In—Tune Up allows you to try out the Fabulous Forever Team for a three month period and see the transformative impact we can have on your mental, physical and emotional health. As the name suggests, we will help you mentally tune in to your needs so that we can help tune up all aspects of your body.


The program consists of a 12-Pack of 1-on-1 sessions with Andrea consisting of:


  • * Weekly in-person, phone or Skype meetings
  • * Goal setting for your ultimate dream outcome
  • * Assessment of barriers or limitations to that outcome
  • * Identifying lifestyle and behavioral patterns that cause regression
  • * Personalized lessons to perfectly style your hair and make up
  • * Styling do’s and don’ts to help accentuate and flatter your figure
  • * Finding the best Nutrionist for your needs


Team Nutritionist will:

  • * Meal Planning program to track your daily food consumption and/or to plan your daily/weekly meals
  • * Supplement regimen recommendations to ensure the best, balanced intake
  • * Grocery shopping lists and menu reviews for optimal meal planning
  • * Weekly meal plans to keep you on track
  • * Monthly body fat (BMI) and circumference measurements
  • * Metabolic Testing with the MedGem to determine Resting Metabolic Rate


Team trainer will:

(Training: Medical clearance is required before you start any fitness program)


  • * You are required to see the trainer at least 3 times a week. The Fabulous Forever Team encourages you to add your cardio another 2 times a week by yourself.

These sessions will include:

  • * Evaluation of your fitness needs
  • * Check your body fat (BMI) report
  • * Design a training routine that works within your schedule and physical ability
  • * Work with you to strengthen your body, tighten your skin tone, make you more limber and bring you to a healthy heart zone

6 Month Coaching & Training

Time To Get Serious:

This six month program is designed to help you over the initial hurdles that changing your life often entails. To make the behavior and attitudinal shifts required for success, we’ve found it takes roughly half a year to break bad habits and solidify your commitment in meeting your health, nutrition, and fitness goals. This is the package for those that have already committed to changing their lives, and are ready to do it today!


This package includes all that is provided in the Tune In—Tune Up package with these additional services:


Team Nutritionist: ·

  • * Restaurant counseling: a meal out with me or Nutritionist to determine eating habits and coach on menu selections
  • * 2 instructional cooking sessions (with team cooking coach or team nutritionist)
  • * Grocery store tour (or Fresh Direct tutorial)
  • * An additional Metabolic Test to determine progress each 3 months
  • * Restaurant counseling: a meal out with me or Nutritionist to determine eating habits and coach on menu selections
  • * 2 instructional cooking sessions (with team cooking coach or team nutrionist)
  • * Grocery store tour (or Fresh Direct tutorial)


Team trainer will be taking you to another level of development. You will have already started feeling and looking better and most importantly generally being more fit. At this juncture we will put your metabolism into overdrive so that you start to notice a more youthful appearance and vigor.


Team Stylist will be doing our famous “Fabulous Closet Audit” on the clothing that you can still wear and what you should give away or sell. Your stylist will go on a minimum 1/2 day shopping excursion with you and teach you what looks best with your new body. Our specialty is showing our clients how to shop for designer clothing on a shoe sting budget, because there is nothing better than feeling smart while looking fabulous! We can even teach you how to shop effectively on line if you choose to.


12 Month Coaching & Training

The Complete Package (One Year)

Studies show that a full 2-years is often required to ensure that recently achieved goals or habits don’t back slide. Keeping weight off or making the emotional commitment to change ones habits requires support and encouragement even after those goals have been met. Making this commitment to yourself, allows us to provide that very necessary guidance and support.


With The Complete Package you get everything in The Time To Get Serious package in addition to the following services.


Team Nutritionist:

* 4 total Metabolic test, one every 3 months to determine progress

  • * 4 restaurant meals with me or team nutritionist to sharpen dining out skills
  • * 6 cooking classes or food prep instruction sessions with Team cooking coach or Team nutritionist


Team Trainer: You are on your way if you haven't already, to hitting your target weight and achieving your goals. You can continue with your trainer 3 times a week or cut back to 2 times a week and train by yourself the other days.


Team Stylist is available to update your wardrobe to compliment your new body and personal look. Team Hair and Makeup: Hair and makeup is another important part of your total renovation. You will learn how to apply makeup and create a youthful look.




Sometimes we each have specific goals, needs or events we’d like to get prepared for. After our initial meeting, we can determine based on your particular weight, height, activity level, lifestyle and nutritional goals if one of these packages fits your needs.



"Ladies who Lunch"

Are you consistently out to lunch and dinner? Does your social calendar include many functions filled with alcohol and temping tasty foods? Then this package is for you.


Our team will focus on:


  • * Menu review to choose correct items
  • * Resisting temptation and peer pressure
  • * How to cope when faced with only the wrong food choices
  • * How to train within a specific time table
  • * Learn how to make fitness your work



"On The Go Gal"


If you are constantly traveling for work and/or pleasure, you require an additional skill set when it comes to Nutrition, healthy eating and working out.


In this plan, you will learn how to:


  • * Bring foods with you
  • * Choose appropriate airplane and airport food
  • * Make the best selections at hotels and restaurants
  • * Maintain a fitness routine wherever you go



“Big Upcoming Occasion"


You want to look your best for one of the most important days of your life that will be captured in pictures that you will have forever!


Our team will focus on:


  • * Healthy eating that is not crash dieting
  • * Eating to maintain energy and decrease stress
  • * Avoiding temptation at all pre-wedding or events
  • * Maintaining your hard work after the event



"Beach Body Balance Behavior"


It’s one thing to get your body ready for a vacation or the summer. It’s another to maintain that body throughout the summer when faced with frequent parties, barbecues, and meals out and with friends.


We will tackle:


  • * Planning parties and barbecues with healthy fare
  • * Making appropriate selections while at friends’ houses and parties
  • * Maintaining your hard body during the months you are NOT wearing your swim suit



"Working Warrior Woman"


You work long hours and barely get up from your desk, which has also become your dining room table where you eat three meals. Your nights are filled with client dinners and way too much alcohol.


We will discuss:


  • * Proper menu selections: take-out and restaurant options
  • * Managing entertaining and alcohol
  • * Decreasing calories to match your decreased activity level
  • * Finding time to fit in simple workout movements through out the day
  • * Creating different types of balance techniques to insure you are staying in shape





**Another really important part of my client’s transformation is to help them create a new look to go along with their new bodies and attitude.


My stylists perform many services such as closet shopping where we put together outfits in the clients existing closets. I call that “Shop In Your Closet.” We also perform a “Closet Audit” which means we filter out what you keep and what you donate or sell. We also redress a client and give her a “Total Makeover” in clothing and beauty.


My stylists spend one to many days working with our clients to insure an easy shopping experience. And lastly, we teach women how to shop designer clothing and accessories on a "Shoe String Budget.” My clients learn how to create a designer wardrobe without spending a lot of money.


**Hair and makeup is another important part of your total renovation. You will easily learn how to apply makeup and know what style hair color and style best suits you now. All these components are valuable life lessons.












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